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8080 is working alongside the United Nations Development Programme to help over 200 Mexican families that lost their businesses after the September 2017 earthquakes that devastated many communities in central Mexico. We are helping them develop their business identity through the design of their logos and uniforms, aiming to provide them with their own tools to maintain and re-create their own signage as needed, using the artisanal resources available to them in their own communities. We want them to rebuild their businesses through self-reliance, with us helping them in workshops to tap into their creativity and continue this effort on their own and with their community's support, therefore not waiting for outside institutions to provide the help they need. We believe that our main objective should be to empower them in the midst of chaos and destruction, and to provide them with new opportunities for their families, their businesses, and their community as a whole. This project has reinforced our thoughts around the possibilities that thoughtful, well-developed designed should not be inaccesible or elitist, as it is and should be used as a tool for change, for evolution and for re-birth. The opportunity we had to share our abilities and thoughts to improve people's lives after an overwhelming loss has been 8080's most satisfactory and valued project to date, and will always be an incomparable experience for us, as both our venture and the beneficiaries' businesses continue on their creative evolution.